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A few interesting projects I'm currently working on:

Pursuit Athletic Performance

Pursuit Athletic Performance

Things it does: This website is a learning community. Users pay a monthly fee to have access to training videos, webinars, training plans, ebooks, and a forum. It also automatically submits new podcast episodes to iTunes and multiple other podcast sites.

Design: This design was done by someone years ago and we just tweak it as needed.

"The website has so many jobs in our business that everything has to work. It's very challenging to be able to stay on top of all that and Zechariah does a wonderful job of it. He is very well versed and understands all of the pieces that have to fit into the puzzle. That's really the big deal for us; being able to get things done in a timely fashion, and for a fair price. I mean, he's the only one that we've ever dealt with in the world of web who is so refreshing in all of the areas. He gives us a list of choices. He say, 'Look, we can do this and this is what it's going to cost, or we can do that and that's what that's going to cost.' And you know, he's always true to his word. In my book, there's no bigger issue in business."

- Kurt Strecker

Greeneville Family Day

The Rose City

Things it does: This is a very simple HTML multi-page site. It is designed to display well on mobile devices like cell phones and tablets. It is very lightweight for speed in loading. It is still in the works because plans for the event are still being finalized.

Design: Because this was a kids event I wanted a light hearted feel so I used a custom font and a hand drawn timeline. Other than that, it is a very simple and clean design.

Susan Strecker

Susan Strecker

Things it does: This is a very traditional blog. Built on WordPress. Mrs Strecker can log in and make updates to her pages or post to her blog whenever she wants.

Design: I did the design work on this site. I used the cover of Mrs. Strecker's latest book for the background and for the general color palette of the website. Originally it was all purples because that is the main color of Night Blindness, but it was updated to teal with the release of her new book.



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